Motor Mounts

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ok the guy i bought my car from said he used HAsport motor mounts but the mounts are blue? did they ever come in blue?, and they dont say hasport on them anywhere. whats up with that, but i want new mounts since the ones in there look like shit, they look like they are rusting, is that bad? and i i attempted to change the mounts what would i need to do to accomplish this? i want to buy new hasport mounts and hasport shift linkages.
Could be the HCP copies or place(they have blue mounts).Call Hasport,or look on there website( with your motor and car and they will give you the low-down on what they got for your needs.
i dunno if they are hasport or not.. but if they are rusting.. thats not good. get some new ones
my Place Racing Mounts were blue but it said place racing on the side of the bushing