Motor Mounts?

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I have Toda Motor mounts for the B-series(B16a) in my CRX, The motor is installed.

I of my friends was telling me that i should have 4 mounts , But i Only have 3.
Am i missing a mount somwear, or when doing a B16 swap you only use 3 mounts.

He was saying that i was missing a mount near the rad.

Please help.

Thank you

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I was talking stock, I just noticed you were swapping. Hasport's site says

"only 3 mounts not 4, are required for the engine swap."


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Most of the aftermarket kits have solid enough insert that they don't need the torque mounts,and therefore don't come with them.
with the mount kit that you are speaking about you DO NOT need a front mount the 3 piece kit is fine. if you are doubting my shop sells a custom front crossmember with a front mount. but trust me you dont need it.