Motor Swap In Time To Boost

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ok b16a swap with lsd on b16 tranny, and has sport race mounts. still workin on all the wiring and exhaust,but i should be done by the week, due to college, gf, and other things that get in the way like alcohol and parties but anyways.

but this is the reason im here, and flame me if you want, but im not bs'n

ive allocated some serious cash from student loan and saved up money and im gonna use it to make my b16 go faster duh, ive considered many routes mainly allmotor vs boost.

ive chosen boost yay! vtec/t

ok i wanna purchase a turbo kit and i got about 3grand to spend total (dont wanna over do it) the motor is stock right now,

im lookin into a fmax kit or a rev-hard kit, i cant really find any kits for 3g or less. i can afford greddy kits but i heard there not worth it. can anyone here recommend me a kit or specific turbo sizes with a "safe" or "recomended" boost level.

i wanna do it right the first time and not end up at step 1 with a blown motor.

my motor runs what a guestimation of 135hp at the wheels, i wanna bump it to 200hp at the wheels, or even 240hp if thats relistic.

then around summer i plan to do some internal work and upgrade the tranny.

thanks for your time in assisting my journey to boosted bliss!

and im sorry if this is a repeat post, thats why i said flame me if u want, but its going towards my specs and i prefer to have direct help to my topic, and my budget limit and to my preferences. thanks for your time.

cheaper, better, and comes with hondata for around 3 grand.

don't run a t3/t4 over 10 psi to be safe with the hondata.

i wouldn't go over 6 without it.

with internals, its endless
yea? thanks very much. how much hp do you think that will produce? runnin 10psi with hondata on a stock b16