motor swapz

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I have a 1986 honda preluse si. I was aondering if there is any motor swaos i can do to it.

90 accord

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wait, your name is h22adelsol, but you drive an 86 prelude?

you can do any swaps you ever want really. its all a matter of how much you want to spend.

h22 is the most commpn swaps into preludes and accords alike, but i don't think it will drop straight in.


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I think it would cost as much for a swap like that as it would to just buy a slightly newer prelude. Your options are probably pretty limited for cost efficient swaps.
Look at the A series that came in the 86- 89 Accords. One of those would probly be your best bet for a good bang for the buck swap. Just be sure you overhaul the engine.


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Don't forget the option of swapping in a JDM B20A. Then at least you would have a DOHC engine. It drops right in, no changes needed.