motor won't start, no spark

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hi guys,

i got a motor rebuilt because of low compression. but prior to pulling the motor the car died and would not start. just cranks and cranks...fastforward got block back and motor back in the car, and its back to the original problem. After looking at fuses i found that the alternator fuse was blown, i'm certain this happened prior to pulling the motor.

about the motor: fresh rebuild b18c1 motor stock with p30s,

no spark, cant figure out why. new plugs wires cap rotor, ignitor, coil checked good. main relay checked out okay.

i do not hear the fuel pump priming but fuel is spraying out of the regultor when i unplug the return line.

what's odd is power to the windows and several of the lights in the dash, oil, srs etc stay lit after i pull the key out of ignition after cranking away...i also hear a buzz by the fuel injectors. it'll turn off if i pull the alternator fuse or unplug the battery.

this bug is driving me insane!!!! help :(