motors, turbo kit, eg, for sale

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hey i have ,
a 1992 honda civic hatch, it has a new bumper new fenders and new hood (never been wrecked) unpainted, the rest of the body is red and in great cond. no rust.
it is a shell right now with full interior.
ill sell it as a shell or i have a stock d16 to put in it for now.
make offer on the car and its yours how you want it.

i have a jdm gsr motor, with no trans, has low compression in numb 1 cyl.
will sell it complete or just the head or block. make offer

have a complete b16a no trans for 1000.
or will sell the b16 head and block separate .

i have a full turbo kit,
love fab mini me ac ready manifold.
60-1 turbo
tial wastegate
hks ss blowoff valve
inner cooler piping and inner cooler
680 injectors
chipped ecu with chrome
golden eagle ls vtec kit

please call me at 443 562 3873
or email me at
The manifold maybe depending on what it's flanged for.
Wastegate depending on the size.
Intercooler and piping depending on the dimensions and brand and the previous application of the piping.
And maybe the injectors, but I don't think I'm going that big, but what brand and impedance are they?


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everything is name brand except for the innercooler its just a ebay kit. the manifold is t3 t4 flanged for the 60/1 im not sure what size the wastegate is ill have to look.

i was looking to sell the whole car for 2400 with a running motor in it so ill just take an offer for the shell

if your local i can meet up and show you everything is not ill take some pictures.


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hi what size and make is the turbo. Am looking for a replacement for my busted Garrett GT28 (PN GT2876BB) AR60.



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yea its 38mm, and the piping looks 2.5 in, the turbo is a 60/1 i dont know who makes it its either by garett or precision