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i got a 1992 integra and i wanna know do i have to change the mount to put in a 1995-1998 vtec
dont try to mess around with the color, font, bold size ect. when you dont know how to use it, it leaves annoying tags and if your actually know how to use it, it makes the text hard to read and it is alsoanoying just keep it plain

next dont post the same thing like 023804239 times.

Now to your post, VTEC, that narrows it down. honda made 6 diffrent vtec engines that would fit in there (3 would be pointless to swap in but they would fit.) You must say what you are planning on putting in there, like B18c1, next y 95-98, basicly all engines will fit in there from 92-2000 and 92-95 would be the easiest swap. If your going to keep a bseries in there, your mounts are fine, if your going to put a H22 in there, they must come out.