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im goinig to be swapping a b16a2 into a d15z (vtec-e)
i got told i have to use vti (si) engine mounts, but was not told which 1s, please could anybody help

pluss does anybody have any pics of wiring harnesses, so i know what to look for when trying to figure out whats what when i take b16a2 out.

thanks for the help
the reason i ask is cause the one on the passenger side near the wiring harness is mssed up n i will need a new one can i use the on of the d15z on the b16a2

i think i forgott to mention the swaps a 95 vti into a 95 vei
Originally posted by ngq@Jan 11 2003, 10:39 AM
rr tranny mount

:wtf: Use the mounts that came with your b16a2,you did get all the mounts right?If not the ones from your civic will work except the driver side front mount.The wiring harness is easy,start at one side,labeling and removing the harness from your motor then transfer it in reverse order to the b16,extending the two plugs I told you about before.
:blink: :blink: :wtf: rite back at you mate, you have mis understood me i meant the MOUNT that is screwed is the 1 on the passenger side NEAR the wiring harness ive already marked all of the wires n things :wacko: :wacko:
There are two mounts on the passanger side one underneath the tranny(not really a mount more of a stabilizer)and one on top of the tranny,then there is a bracket type mount on the rear of the motor that connects to the firewall,and on the drivers side there is one coming off the side that mounts to the right side if the car,and in front of that there is one that bolts to the front of the motor to the front bottom of the car(like the tranny side,not really a mount).In other words,all three main mounts are the same,drivers side,rear,and tranny.The two front bottom mounts I got only one to fit (drivers side) the tranny side didn't match up,the b16's should work (I didn't have them).