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Well, it's finally official. I have less than a month to get rid of everything here cause there is no way in hell I'm lugging all of it 5 states away.

Tons more stuff will be added over the next few weeks or so as I clean out the shop and storage. Everything must go asap, whatever isn't gone by d-day will go to scrap.

All prices listed are best offer unless otherwise specified, I'm willing to ship whatever if you're willing to pay for it.

Feel free to ask around for vouches, I've been on here & several of the other boards for years and never had anyone unhappy about dealing w me. B (admin) can even vouch for me as I've dealt with him as well.

also looking for the following stuff, willing to trade anything here + cash up/down/even:
  • B-series supercharger stuff - alternator stepper pulley, LHT manifold, forged pistons, etc
  • Hondata S300
  • good condition LS bottom end or just crank/rods
  • Possibly K swap stuff
  • CTDi Accord (TSX), left hand drive, able to be legally titled & registered in the US



B16A2 bottom end - VGC, stock out of my 2000 Si. Just turned 100k, was babied and meticulously maintained for virtually every mile. Only removed because swapping in a built 2.0L. $350/bo
^^ CAN HEAR RUN for the next couple weeks or so before it gets pulled. Pics up as soon as I get it out of the car

B18C5 transmission (USDM DC2 ITR) - VGC, no grinds or other probs. 4.4fd, oem LSD and GSR 5th gear. Still in the car, only removing because gearing is too short for new build. $1100/bo

B18C1 bottom end - GC, stock out of my 96 GSR. Has around 170k, still pulls very strong and no known issues. Only removed because I'm either staying B-series and going with a built 2.0L bottom end, or going K-series which means I have no use for this anyways. $450/bo

B18C1 Eagle H-Beam forged rods - Brand new in box, selling for same reason as above $350/bo

JDM B20 Exh manifold/downpipe - Both excellent condition. Deletes cat (ie- oem race/test pipe) $50 both


B-Series Flywheel #1 - 7.5lb aluminum, pretty sure its a fidanza. Excellent cond & ready to drop in, only removed because street driveability sucked with the supercharger $75/bo


B-Series Flywheel #2 - stock weight, needs resurfacing $15/bo

B-Series Flywheel #3 - stock weight, has a clutch bolt broken off in it $15/bo

B-Series clutch #1 - pretty sure its exedy stage 1 organic, I was told by the po of the car that it was just an oem replacement so I bought a stage 1 for the new swap but when the old motor came out its the exact same one that my dumb ass just bought lol... Only has probably less than 2k on it $150/bo

B-Series clutch #2 - pretty sure this one is oem or oem replacement, came off of an engine I bought awhile back. Still tons of life left $75/bo

D-Series Flywheel - stock weight, good to go $20/bo

D-Series clutch - pretty sure its oem or oem replacement, came w a trans I picked up for a project. Still tons of life left $30/bo

B-Series power steering pump - P72, fits gsr & non-vtec models. Have mounts, pulley, reservoir, and pump to reservoir hose $40/bo

GSR stock intake manifold - OBD2 out of a 96 teg, only removed to make room for supercharger setup. $35 pics up asap

GSR stock differentials (2) - Have 2 in GC, both came out of clean trans, only removed for upgrades to lsd. Both have good stock tapered bearings and speedo gear $35 each as is or I can weld if you want

D16Y8 stock differential - GC, came out of a clean trans. Has good stock tapered bearings and speedo gear $25 as is or I can weld if you want

B-series alternators - Have 2 OBD2 and 1 OBD1, none of them have pulleys $25 each

1999 CRV RT4wd 5spd manual trans (B-series) - UBER RARE & very hard to find. Was planning on using this for my AWD build but have decided to go a different route. Also have all info you need to convert this to close ratio gearing w/LSD $450/bo

B-series oil pump - obd1 off a low mileage JDM B20, only removed cause had to change to obd2 style pump w ckf sensor to pass nysi $25/bo


2000 Si 15/16" Brake master cylinder - Bought new from NAPA hoping it would improve my stock brakes, it didn't make any difference. Has less than 4 miles on it $50/bo

2000 Si 15/16" Brake master cylinder + 270V Booster combo - These were stock on my 2000 Si, removed when I swapped to ITR 1" mc + booster. All in VGC, never had any probs $75/bo

95 Accord EX coupe trans - Ready to drop in, no grinds or any other probs. It was only removed to make room for H22 swap $150/bo

USDM D16Z6 (pre-96 sohc vtec) cylinder head swap - complete head w/cam, all valvetrain, vtec solenoid assm, and USDM z6 intake manifold. All in very good shape $150/bo


USDM D16Y8 (96+ sohc vtec) cylinder head swap - complete head w/cam, all valvetrain, vtec solenoid assm, and USDM D16Y8 intake manifold. All in very good shape $150/bo pics up soon

Stock black F22 valve cover - Never installed since refinish $20

Red F22 valve cover - Never installed since refinish $35

Black D16Z6 valve cover - Refinished in satin black $35

17" Boss Alloys - 4x100 VGC, some very minor rash in small spots on a few of the lips and 1 has a ding (bend), cosmetic only doesnt affect seal or balance or anything. Other than that they really just need a good cleaning. No tires $200/bo or will consider trades up/down/even for your 16"s or 17"s

(4) 13" 4x100 steelies + Yoko Advan A048s - 185/60/13, still have plenty of life left in them $150/bo


P2E ecu (#1) - manual trans, came off running engine $20/bo

P2E ecu (#2) - auto trans, not sure if good or not. Buy for parts, tuning, experimenting, etc. No bitching if DOA!! $10/bo

P2E ecu (#3) - manual trans, has faulty bypass valve circuit. Buy for parts, tuning, experimenting, etc. $FREE come get it

P05 ecu - manual trans, came out of a good running car that was swapped to B-series. $PENDING

D16Y8 Lower timing cover - BRAND NEW still in Honda packaging $10

94-97 teg driver side headlight - gc other than low beam reflector is cracked. Comes with bulbs $10

Integra pass side mirror glass - I think this came off a 94-97(?), not sure if 98+ are the same or not. Anyhow its in VGC, the glass looks scratched up in the pic but it's just dirty/spiderwebs $10/bo


Honda oem cassette deck - Good working condition, with cd changer control. Fatty red display. For the oem snky effect- stupid tape deck in the dash but cd changer in the back $30/bo



2000 CIVIC Si COUPE - SUPERCHARGED, Black on black, clean body. Car is fully loaded as Si models are - power everything including retractable sunroof, working cruise & a/c, tilt wheel, etc. Jackson Racing street (~7psi) supercharger kit installed on the stock B16A2 engine along with CTR cams, Fidanza 7.5lb flywheel, Exedy stage2 clutch, B18C5 LSD trans w GSR 5th, B18C5 axles. Suspension consists of H&R sport springs on Koni yellow adjustable shocks, 26mm front/22mm rear sways, ASR rear subframe brace, Skunk2 camber adjusters front + rear, professionally aligned. Exterior is stock aside from real Spoon Sports carbon fiber side mirrors, oem CTR headlights w/ city lights, and oem clear fog/driving lights in the front lip. The car sits on gunmetal 17" Axis Se7ens, bronze 17" Konigs, or white 15" Kosei K1s depending on the day lol. Alpine detach face cd deck w/remote, polk speakers all around including front separates. Also has full feature Compustar security system with pager, remote starter, supercharger cooldown feature, several hidden starter/ign/fuel kills, etc etc. Its the car in the pic above with the 17" boss alloys. No corners were cut anywhere on this car, everything has been done right. Its a gorgeous car that's a blast to drive. More pics available on request or just come see it in person, you won't be disappointed.

$10,500/bo gets everything listed... pretty firm on this for now, serious parties contact me via pm or email

1996 Integra GSR coupe - Black on black, JDM B20/GSR powered, true DC2 chassis. Interior is in ec, body is MINTY other than a few issues. 99% rust free- only minor surface rust in the notorious Honda spots, all still solid tho nowhere near rotted through. Dr side qtr also got backed into so its a little wavy & could use some work, and the a/c needs a condenser line and refrig charge to be working again. Other than that its fully loaded as GSR models are - power everything including retractable sunroof, working cruise, tilt wheel, etc. Fresh JDM B20 was swapped in less than 1000 miles ago along with ACT streetlite 12.5lb flywheel and Exedy stage 1 organic clutch, and the stock GSR trans was rebuilt w newer synchros and LSD while it was out. Car is currently sitting on bronze 17" 6-spokes. Pioneer detach face cd deck w/remote, Alpine 6.25"s up front, Fosgate 6x9 rears. Excalibur alarm system w/keyless entry, ign kill & fuel cut. Pics up soon . . .

$4k/bo... pretty firm on this for now, serious parties contact me via pm or email



1993 Typhoon leather seats - Black leather, 8-way power. Damn near minty. Also have matching door panel leather pieces for syclone/typhoon/1st gen s10/blazer/jimmy/bravada/etc. REALLY hate to get rid of these but I don't plan on putting them into anything anytime soon $300/bo


1993 S-10 Blazer chrome grille - fits 91+ 1st gen s-trucks, 82-90 with minor mods $20/bo

sbc flexplate - fits sbc, 3.8L/4.3L v6 $20/bo

4.3L tbi intake manifold - stock, from a 92 jimmy $20/bo

Ported tbi throttle body - standard sbc/4.3L model 220. Front airfoils have been removed, blended and polished, injector pod raised 2mm. Have stock 4.3L, 5.0L and 5.7L injectors $40/bo

4.3L tbi distributor - from 1992 jimmy, should fit any tbi 3.8L/4.3L $30/bo


Alternator - virtually new, fits early 90s vin "W" vortec 4.3L and definitely others. Bought this for my 5.7L swap but it wouldn't work with the accessory brackets I was using $30/bo

S-truck overhead climate/compass display - pretty sure this fits both 1st and 2nd gen overhead consoles $25/bo pics up soon

1227730 ecm - Speed density style tuned port + others, ecm connectors w/ 8" harness pigtail included. click here for applications $30/bo pics up soon

1227747 ecm - click here for applications $20/bo pics up soon

16144288 ecm - click here for applications $20/bo pics up soon

1st gen s10 gauge cluster #1 - rare tach cluster with full gauge package, mechanical speedo $20/bo pics up soon

1st gen s10 gauge cluster #2 - Canadian (metric), has full gauge package $20/bo pics up soon



Siqq Balla Track Style Tow Hook - Came on my Si, way too hardcore for me $20/bo


Dual filter relocator - Came on my gf's ek hatch, we didn't really need it. Takes 2 of the larger PF-2(?) filters, but pretty sure you can use smaller ones as well (PF52/47?). With or without spin on adapter plate for Honda blocks. Worked great before it was removed, no leaks or anything $35/bo


DSM side mount - Was planning on using this on my eg civic but plans changed & then I sold the car. I never pressure tested it or anything but got it from a reputable member on here $20


Stainless dual tip muffler - Straight-thru design, resonator style, 2.5" inlet. Has stainless hangers welded on for eg civic so it should fit most Hondas w similar configuration. I can weld a different hanger on if you need. $20/bo


Purple neon plate frame - dunno where the hell this came from, somebody take it before I do something stupid and regretful with it $20/bo


Helmet #1 - Bell open face, face shield included. Its older, out of spec and the padding is pretty worn out. Good for practice, starter/kids, decoration? $10/bo

Helmet #2 - Vetter lightweight fiber 3/4 shell, face shield included. It's older & out of spec, but padding is still good. Good for practice, starter/kids, decoration? $10/bo



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tow hook, oil filter set-up, and B-flywheel #1... For $110+ shipping and paypal fees to Meriden, CT, 06451 ????
interested in the steelies/advans and the muffler but you are so far :(

I think the muffler is already sold... I have a fedex acct and get decent rates so shoot me your addy & I'll see what i can do

tow hook, oil filter set-up, and B-flywheel #1... For $110+ shipping and paypal fees to Meriden, CT, 06451 ????

the one flywheel is sold, but I have an identical one in my si thats coming out when the new swap goes in if you can wait like a month or two. I can ship the other stuff in the meantime lmk what you wanna do
Hey, I found this thread by searching google. Do you still have the LHT manifold for sale? And if so, is it for a gsr motor? If you do, email me at mxchase@hotmail.com

DATES people read the DATES of posts in a year old thread before asking for stuff...