Moving to bigger and better things

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I am making the move to Atlanta today. I start my new job tomorrow and I just wanted to say that I will be out of touch for a while. I wont have the internet for a while so I will have a hard time keeping up with everyone here at HS. Keep up the good work and I will be back soon.
:thumbsup: 'grats on the job and move - be safe and hit HS when you get a chance ;).
I will and thanx. Maybe now I will be able to find a decent junk yard to pull from, and maybe I can find somewhere to hang out with other honda people. Savannah FTL.
Awesome. :thumbsup:

Great to see people still have the balls to move to a better location to improve their situation.
Nice dude! Congrats, I too am moving from Iowa - Durant OK haha fun fun!
Well Atlanta is a lot of fun to drive in. The average speed is 75-80mph (not the limit, just what everyone drives) so I have a good time on my way to work. Plus there are a lot of curves so I am getting some use out of the susp. mods that I have done.