MPFI Conversion Vs. Si Harness

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Crazy Insane
Hello all,
I just went out and fired up my EF to see if she would run, after having it plugged in for about 5 hours and adding some she turned over no problem, and ran pretty damn good considering something isn't hooked up right :D I still get a check engine light and error codes 10 14 and 16 but that's not what I'm after here...
I'm just wondering, with the MPFI conversion done, can I just take out my (hacky) modified harness and put in an Si harness? All I can think I would have to do is take the 2 dizzy wires I added and pin them in to the new harness's dizzy plug... right?
I'm so happy my car started today. It was too dark to poke around under the hood and try to actually figure out what's wrong with it, but I think the DX harness is kind of tight on the iat and some of those sensors and might have just yanked itself free. Either that or one of my solders wasn't good enough :S
Sorry for ranting!^ Thanks for your help
although it would certainly be easy if you could just drop in an Si harness, that won't work. the only way you can use an si harness is if you swap out your entire cabin harness for an si one. seeing as how that'd be a pain in the dick, i'd recommend just fixing the modified dx harness you have.
Damn :D I kind of figured that would be the case. Well I guess I'll just have to deal with my ugly wiring for now. Thanks for your help!
It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to work.

Funny, I heard that from this chick once...
well, my plan is to pick up another dx harness and maybe another si harness and make one superior dx-si conversion harness that actually looks like it came from the factory :p I didn't go out and look under the hood but I even think I could run those 2 extra dizzy wires through that big ass main connector on the passenger side near the firewall...? Or I'll just grab another 2 wire connector and run it right next to those wires, I seem to remember someone saying they did that for ease of un-installation.
And it's true- I say it all the time when I'm working on my EF... "function over style..."