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If im running a ls/turbo setup with a stroker kit in it and only probly not any higher then 9500 rpms Should i change to MSD coil and distrubitor? Or should i leave it alone. Im going to run around 15-20 psi when racing at the track.


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with that much boost id recommend coils. not like it is required, but youll benefit. the air/fuel mixture would become more dense so it would be good to have a hotter spark.


9500? for gods sake why?

even if you head can hold the revs, and the bottom end can hold the revs, if you are using cams that still make power at that speed, you shoudl have went all motor.

turbo- likes stock-ish duration, high lift cam profile.
how do you get power up top? increasing the duration, and thus overlap of the cam.
boost + more duration - blow by.

its pointless
im planning to take my built gsr bottom and built b16 head to 8200 tops.


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Originally posted by EdrikLongtail@Apr 9 2003, 02:58 PM
If im running a ls/turbo setup with a stroker kit.


Think about it storkers are built for torque not very useful for high rpms. you'll never see more than 7200rpm's
if you want to make power
I changed to an MSD Ignition/coil setup because I like the "pill" rev limiter system. It seems to burn cleaner all the way to the top of the power band too.

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