*** Muffler System Upgrade***

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My wife is killing the muffler on the Wagon... I'm waiting any day now for it to fall off or crack. She hit it every other day going up or down the driveway. I have to admit I do it once a month... :lol:

My question is How wide should I do my piping for the catback system? Stock motor!!! Don't trust Wife w/ a fast car :( . Also my daughter will be in there... So I need a muffler that is not loud... Any advice please?

custom magnaflow system would be good. there's some accord with a magnaflow truck muffler on HT. he says its quiet during normal driving, but has a nice deep tone when you floor it.
Originally posted by vtecsir1@Jun 14 2005, 01:00 PM
ahhh what type of vehicle?

why would your wife want a loud muffler?

dynomax, flowmaster, apc whatever you want
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1992 Honda Accord Wagon

My wife and I doesn't want a loud muffler....
a magnaflow or flowmaster will be quiet, while adding a very very minimal gain.

it's easy to make exhuasts quieter, add a resonator, an extra cat if you like to protect the enviroment. The quieter it is the more restrictive it will be (in most cases) which is less power.
2.25ish. You don't need something that big. Why not just get a OEM replacement style muffler/catback, whatever. If you really want to spend money on something that is not OEM, go with RSR exMag, Greddy SP2, or Apexi WS. Those are pretty much the queitest performance systems on the market.
and they're still kinda loud.

I agree with the stock replacement. Or 2.25-2.5 with a resonator and a magnaflow/flowmaster.

I don't even know does the 92 accord come in V6 form?