Must Sell: Apr Wing/ 4-1 Headers

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Junior Member
This is a real apr aluminum wing... it is the gt style (same one as in the fast and furious from the eclipse). it has one minor scratch on the upper deck which is about 1/4 inch long, not noticable. I am looking for 300, i paid 450 it has been on the car for about 5 months.

I also has JDM type R style headers, brand new never installed, they are a 4-1 header 2 pieces, there from a no name company but are very good. my friend had the same headers on his car and showed significant gains. I am only asking 200 it is a great deal.. they are a flat sivler color.

the reason for sale is, i purchased a new b18c1 that is coming with headers,thus i have no use for the other ones.