My "1987 Mugen CR-X"

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Not sure if many of you are into RC vehicles, but, being a Honda guy, and an RC car guy, you know, I had to do it.

It's a Tamiya M-03 FWD chassis with many aluminum hopuos, full brushless setup, 3s capable. Now that I'm off work for the season, and finished the hard part of my b18 ek swap, I'll be finishing up the light kit on this.

I know the body posts look horrid sticking out, but, the body came pre holed for the posts. I'll be cutting them down, and coloring the front ones white so they aren't as noticeable.
It's the Tamiya body as well on it. It took a bit to find the Tamiya Mugen wheels, to complete the look. Ordered them from Austria, as it was literally the last set I could find online still in stock.

I have added light buckets to it, just have yet to have time to wire en up. The buckets came from a different crx body set. That's the body I use for racing with. Non mugen 1986 crx. It's purple, and a 210mm wheelbase body. This one is the 225mm wheelbase.