My 1988 Integra

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Silent Order

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I picked up a 1988 Integra LS (4 door) a few months ago for 700 bucks. It's got some dings, 140K, and some body rot in a few places (over the wheels, where the hatch opens, lower body). I'm wondering if this thing is worth fixing up or not. I need a new alternator and muffler as well, which will set me back a few hundred. Do you guys have any advice for me? I've not too much money, so that will certainly be a problem. I really don't know how well this car will perform either, it's my first one! Woo. I know this is a vague post, but I'm just wanting some general imput or ideas on how much it may cost to fix up.
If your on a real budget,sounds like it,I'd start frequenting junkyards.Look for 90-91 tegs with b18 or b17.You should be able to find one for a few hundred bucks.
Ive got an 88 Integra alternator if you are interested. Email at and make an offer. I also know 2 guys parting out 88 integras right now if you need something else

Im actually rebuilding an 86 Integra right now. Got it for $10 with a blown head gasket and bad tranny. Got 2 engines and 2 trannys for $200 New clutch and boom, brand new car for ~$400. Sold for $1500

As for the performance, its nothing to right home to mom about, but it'll walk all over my 1.5L Civic 4dr

Hope this helps