My 98 GSX

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So the car's finally been properly cleaned in the ~21 months I've owned it. It's about time to show it off.

There was a LOT of work to do, and everyone knows I'm lazy, so a friend decided to step in. Car was washed, went over with a claybar, polished, and waxed. I ended up cleaning the wheels/tires/interior cleaned by me since I got bored waiting, which means those parts turned out worse than the rest of the car :D

And this was the product...







1998 Green Pearl GSX
Stroked 8.8:1 2.3L engine, bottom end is all forged now (including the goddamn crankshaft after I spun a bearing and couldn't find another uncut OEM crank)
FIC1150cc injectors, a single rewired Walbro 255HP, straight E85
55/88mm Borg Warner turbo at 30 psi
Shitty upgraded SMIC (sort of a bottleneck eh?)
Stock transmission (no these aren't that weak if you don't do retarded stuff)
Random supporting mods

Car moves about 51 lbs/min of airflow, and is tuned to 12.5:1 AFR with only a little knock. No this car has not been to the track or a dyno, the SMIC keeps me from doing too much with it. It'll basically go through a 2nd and 3rd gear pull before it heat soaks to the point where not even the ethanol can cool the intake charge enough. Based on some standardized acceleration data from other DSMs, it should be around a 125-130 mph car with the power it has (not necessarily with the driver though :p).