My 99 Civic Coupe Or Trade For A 2000 Integra Gsr

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Ok here's one for everyone
For the last little while i've been posting many questions regarding swaping a motor into my 99 soch civic coupe. I was going to throw a 97-2000 gsr doch motor into my civic, until one nieghboors got a 2000 gsr. Now let me tell you that car is mint!!black on black leather and loaded!! not really a conpairsion to my civic.

So i'm thinking of grabing a 2000 gsr myself, so should I? Here a few things to think about before you might replay.
1st my car is a 99 civic(soch)
2nd the other car is a 2000 gsr(doch)fully loaded with leathers
3rd i could go for the b18c1 swap into my civic but then i would still be missing out on the extra's , leathers, nicer dash, four wheel disc brakes , lsd tranny, etc
4th money wise the teg is selling from a dealer for $21900 with 48K vs the value of my ride and 89k
5th say i purchase the gsr for $22,000 tax in , and trade in my civic with some extras for no less then $16,000 thats a $6k difference.

Well should I keep or part with the Honda Civic.??
Oh ya what is the difference in weight civic coupe 99 vs a 2000 teg gsr? both stock


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vehicle weights are in the reference section

what to do is really up to you ... from a racing stand point it would be better to swap a GSR engine in your car
but you seem to want the added luxuries that the 2000 GSR will give you .... so it gomes down to what is more important to you... speed or toys .... both are good in my book


I was gonna do the same but decided against it. I've got a 95 ex though and now my JDM b18c w/LSD is on the way.

Sounds to me like you like the 'good' stuff so if it's really what you want, you can't go wrong. Besides there won't be any hassles about the swap or not having the ammenities that you are looking for. Plus the swap and 4 wheel discs will run you over $4k anyways.

Not too sure but I thought b18c w/LSD's were JDM only. Anyone knows?


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first off thats way to much to pay for a gsr with 50k on it, secondly theres no way you're getting $16,000 for a 99 civic with 89k on it


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From the way your talking, it sounds like you should just get the GSR and have fun with that. You wont have to deal with a swap and you get all your toys. The swap is only worth it if you're going to the track a lot.


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gsr is a fun car when you add simple bolt ons. sounds like you should get a gsr.