my car burned


greyfades (10:54:51 PM): it burned
revolution8k (10:54:54 PM): who?
greyfades (10:54:57 PM): my car
revolution8k (10:55:02 PM): what?
greyfades (10:55:05 PM): it burned
greyfades (10:55:12 PM): i got out of art history
greyfades (10:55:14 PM): and walked to my car
greyfades (10:55:18 PM): tried to crank it
revolution8k (10:55:20 PM): like caught fire?
greyfades (10:55:27 PM): the starter went WHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRkkkkkkkkj;laskdjf;oaiwejr;lkasjdf;aweikkkk
greyfades (10:55:30 PM): i was like what the hell
greyfades (10:55:33 PM): tried to crank it again
greyfades (10:55:39 PM): it just kinda klunked
greyfades (10:55:46 PM): smoke started coming out of the hood
greyfades (10:55:49 PM): i got out and popped the hood
greyfades (10:55:52 PM): and it was on fire
greyfades (10:55:55 PM): like 5 foot high flames
greyfades (10:56:06 PM): :-(
revolution8k (10:56:17 PM): that sucks
greyfades (10:56:17 PM): totally destroyed
greyfades (10:56:44 PM): im going to the bank tomorrow
greyfades (10:56:49 PM): gonna try to get a loan for 5k
revolution8k (10:56:52 PM): all that money for nothing.
greyfades (10:57:00 PM): and im gonna buy a friend of mine's 93 gsr hatch
revolution8k (10:57:17 PM): awesome
greyfades (10:57:31 PM): im selling my motor for $1k
revolution8k (10:57:33 PM): non-doing-your-own-work-gsr-hatch-driver :)
greyfades (10:57:43 PM): and my body for $800
greyfades (10:57:50 PM): im keeping my wheels and my itr tranny
revolution8k (10:57:50 PM): what caught on fire then the motor?
greyfades (10:57:56 PM): injectors/fuel rail
greyfades (11:00:02 PM): then the fire kinda just spread
greyfades (11:00:06 PM): ate the paint off the valve cover
greyfades (11:00:17 PM): burned up my intake and my sensors
revolution8k (11:01:22 PM): that blows yo
greyfades (11:02:38 PM): i know
greyfades (11:02:40 PM): im gettin a gsr'd hatch
greyfades (11:02:43 PM): with a 50 shot
revolution8k (11:02:53 PM): kewl
greyfades (11:03:14 PM): i miss my fo-do
greyfades (11:03:15 PM): :-(
revolution8k (11:03:33 PM): that sucks ass. what'd the insurance have to say?
greyfades (11:03:55 PM): i got dropped from my insurance a few weeks ago when that '80 in a 50/racing/all that other shit' ticket came up
revolution8k (11:04:06 PM): what?
revolution8k (11:04:11 PM): lol those ghey asshats
greyfades (11:04:17 PM): yup.
greyfades (11:04:33 PM): if i get a loan for the hatch, my payments will be around $200 a month
greyfades (11:04:40 PM): i can afford that if i stay at home with mom and dad

yup. it sucks. bad.

if all goes well, i'll be getting an already-swapped gsr i have an itr tranny, brand new suspension, brand new stage 2 clutch, pimp-ass rotas....all on the hatch that i've wanted for quite a while....

im gonna miss my fo-do thogh....



Thank you for your business.
first of all, fire own3d you.

next, sorry...

and lastly, congrats on the possible new car... :thumbsup:


Wrong Whole!
what were you doing driving your car without insurance?

sucks it burned but that was way better then getting your car impounded or going to jail for no insurance

way to many people on this board drive with no insurance....


Thank you for your business.
wait so was I the first person you told??? I feel special. Will tells me his adventures with the hate of God. :)


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Originally posted by civicious@Mar 31 2004, 12:16 AM
God looked down on me today and said "FUCK YOU!"

bwahahaha thats kinda funny, but ah sorry about the car man, thats a bum deal. Hopefully u can get that loan and rock that gsr swapped hatch


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bummer. My mom's old Camry did that one time. She literally was just down the road and caught a ride home quickly. I drove down real quick and the alloys in the front were melting. Not unlike you, the only thing I could tell her was,

"well mom, the good news is that you finally get a new car."

R.I.P. Civicious' Civic



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Originally posted by civicious@Mar 31 2004, 12:16 AM
God looked down on me today and said "FUCK YOU!"

wow dude that sux. i blew my motor at the track and thought that was pretty bad. now i dont feel as bad. i could not imagine seeing my car in flames. good luck with the new one. it sounds sweet :woo:


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I'm curious to know how it happened... Obviously there must have been a sudden short. It's not like you wired the car incorrectly and melted it.

The starter solenoid had to short or something. Fuses didn't blow? Look into this situation some more before giving up the ghost on it.

-> Steve