My Car Started But I Have A Jumpy Idel

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i finaly got my mini me to start but my idel is a little, well alot of, jumpy idel. it is going from 1 grand to 2 grand and back and forth rapidly. what would cause this?
u have the right ecu? timing could be off maybe, or could be a vacuum line...i had that prob to woth one of my freinds was vacuum line
it was happening befor i did my head swap, i just figeured that wile i have all my stuff still out i would take care of this too.
did you change the TPS sensor at all?? or is it the same one??

vac lines or sometimes... the intake manifold gasket can be leaking too
if i put a differant throttel body on instead of messin with it. do you think it will fix it. i have 4 extra throttel bodeys layin aroung in my workshop.
i doubt that will fix it... if it is set from the factory... it's probably good

try the iac valve... is that plugged and working properlY??

is the screw on the TB letting to much air by?
this may sound dumb, but that is an iac valve, i that the one on the bottom of the TB? i heard that if the plastic screw backs out some it could couse this to happen, is that true?