my car sucks.

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yea so my car started overheating bad. so i drove it like a total of like 1 hr 15 min while the temp gauge was high. I added coolant and drove more i got like 40 minutes before it got super ultra hot then still drove it a bit. its been like 5 weeks sitting in my driveway and i put a new radiator in cause the old one is super caked with minerals. i used de-ionized water and water-wetter this time. ( and coolant of course ) well now i started my car and it smokes from the engine bay right away. ( 95 DX Coupe... ) Looks like a piece of rubber real close to my timing belt and head gasket is peeling out of the engine. i pull on it and it feels like its coming out really close to the timing belt/ head gasket. dont know if this is the head gasket or what.... i dont really want to fix it i think i would rather swap to some other motor please help... i dont have much $$ either i take the bus to work right now!!! :(


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if you ran the car for an hour and a half when it was suepr hot, you probably broke something, pooped the head gasket, or metled something.
how the hell did your car remain hot while you were driving? you must have a clog somewhere in your coolant lines/flow. Your first mistake was driving it hot like that. might as well have driven without oil.... you say the rubbery thing is near the timing belt? sounds to me liek the gasket for the timing belt cover, but I really had a hard time understanding what you were describing.


Check your thermostat. Theres a rubber seal around it that in time, deteriorates and can cause sticking. Be sure and bleed the system, as B said air bubles cause it to overheat. As far as what's oozing out from between your head and block, er don't know, head gasket isn't rubber, are you sure it's between the block and the head, and not the valve cover gasket?