my cat speaks ebonics!!

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Oh my god why did you click on this post? What the hell would make you think that my cat, or any cat for that matter can speak. Let alone ebonics!


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the wondering mind of people are open to new ideas that could further or in this case lessen the interest to learn more.... are u bored by chance

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Originally posted by asmallsol@Dec 20 2002, 08:59 PM
my uncles cat will shit and piss in the shitter, just like on meet the parents

wow man..... your cool...


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the real question is...

If your cat is male, after he uses the toilet, does he put the seat down?


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when i read "my can can speak ebonics", i was tryin' to think of what "meow" could sound like in ebonics and i couldn't think of anything so i clicked on the link just to see what you said. but damnit, i was very dissapointed :(