My Civic Last Summer

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visable --- yes
small --- yes
granular --- yes
shitty PC --- no

your pic is just small with low resolution

the front bumper looks very out of place ... it doesnt match the rest of the car


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What have you swapped? Just the wheels and bumper cover? I'm with E_Soli on this one, the front piece looks out of place and, no offence, even given a rear lip it still wont look as good as it did stock.


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that's weird because everyone in the city i live in thinks that the front bumoer is awesome.
But i agree latly i've put the stcok one on cause i need new paint on the aftermarket bumper., and to tell use the truth I'm liking the old one again. But i still like the tsunmui . It's just that the stock one looks so plain, and everyone in the city was just adding the SIR lip how boring. I wanted something crazy. The bumper is actually for a turbo setup but i haven't gotten there yet. I'm hoping to swap a gsr motor in the beast if i only knew how to install it myself, if i could that would be great but i dont have the tools, knowlegde or time to do it right.



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mmm.. looks okay but the front you say you lived in a city? i live in a town and about 6 different people i know have the exact same kit/bumper.. and snap their all the same color and model (almost).. :lol: about 4 99-00 Civic Si (blue) has that exact kit.. 1 Black Si has that kit.. and a EG Si hatch with a 96-00 front convo. painted Si blue has that exact same kit.... point is, a lot of people have that kit to as a lot of people have the SiR lip, respectively... and just about every kit i can think of is "made" for a turbo setup.. ie. StreetFighter, Black Widow, etc etc etc.. they all have that nice large front gap for a air-to-air intercooler.. anyway.. i just wanted to point that out.. if anyone even cared.. :D but dont worrie nash, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. meaning who cares if it might look gay to someone... someone else might think its tight.. so do what you will.. ayte just my 2cents.. later


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I wouldn't go as far to say that a body kit is no good, I just think you need the side skirts to match the lines of the bumper. It just does look a little out of place. I agree it's a nice front bumper, but it that sense, it's just like saying "thats a nice front bumper" when it's hanging on the wall of a car shop. you want people to say nice car, not nice bumper. you see? hah. get the rest of the kit if you like it, it will look more in place.