my crx wiring

what do i do about my wiring?

  • i am in desperate need of help

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check this out..... 3months ago i did an engine swop on my 89 crx si. everything went good and great until we had to hood the harness back up... we also noticed that the mexicans that i bought the car from had cut and hooked up wires and i dont know what they go to now. their coming out of the firewall and supposed to connect to the harness somehow to get power and vtech controller...i still got my origional engine harness which i was told to use but i still can t get my car started.... also got the harness the engine came with and the ecu but i dont know what to do now... i spent 2 months looking for a harness and finally got one from ebay cause i thought that the old harness was messed up so i got another used one made for the swop and still turned out not to work.... i need help.. my time is running out cause i leave to iraq again in a couple of months and id like to have it running before i leave..... if i cant get this resolved i might have to sell it to someone that might be able to have time for it.... please help..


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