my crx

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here is my 90 crx si that I have owned since 2002. I bought it stock
heres a list of things that I have done to the car

b16a3 w/ ys1 cable tranny, exedy stage 1 clutch kit, aem fuel rail and aem fuel pressure regulator, aem cam gears, venom fuel injectors, p30 ecu, locash obd0 - obd1 wiring kit, apexi safc2, place racing motor mounts, hasport shift linkage, 92- 95 civic radiator, ground control coilovers, short shifter w/ gsr shift knob, 2 1/2 catback exhast, hi-flow cat,
projector headlights, hids, clear crx taillights (stock ones were broken and found my clears for $10 on ebay), strut bar, intake with reactive filter, wing west mugen body kit (urethane), eclipse dvd player, pilot steering wheel, 89 crx seat covers on my 90 crx seats,
autometer phantom gauges(a/f ratio, oil presure, volt meter, and soon to have boost guage), white face gauges with kogition design glow needles.







my plans include
putting on my turbonetics t3 turbo, intercooler, blowoff valve

I plan on buying for the car
hondata s200, new fuel pump, traction bar setup, omni coilover suspension, new rims (my 17s are too big and my winter 13's are just for winter plus look at them they suck), new muffler, carbon fiber hood, new fenders (or fix mine), and a paint job, jdm rear seat


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Originally posted by VTECPOWER+Jun 10 2005, 12:30 PM-->
Lookin good man, got some nice potential,
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Originally posted by VTECPOWER@Jun 10 2005, 12:30 PM
and with those tail lights, they just get you more races!!!
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:lol: I need to get them painted, but hell for $10 couldn't pass up the on price

@Jun 10 2005, 12:30 PM
Ever run that at the track?
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no not yet, I am suppose to go to import drags this weekend, but not sure cause it suppose to rain
Looks pretty good man, get a handle on that rust by the 1/4 panel before it gets outta control though.


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Originally posted by E-dogg@Jun 10 2005, 01:25 PM
Looks pretty good man, get a handle on that rust by the 1/4 panel before it gets outta control though.
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plan on it this summer, plus I need to fit the body kit a little better also
i think that the car came from back east cause the rust on my quarters has been the same since i have owned it.


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Originally posted by brian11to1@Jun 10 2005, 07:40 PM
return the body to stock, otherwise looks good when the hood is popped.
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:lol: i like it better with the mugen kit thats why I bought the kit.


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Originally posted by pheonixb16aguy@Jun 10 2005, 08:56 PM
someone paid you 10 bucks to take them ? please dont say you paid money for them :lol:
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:lol: no someone didnt pay me to take them, I bought them for 10 cause my stock ones were broken and these were the cheapest ones that I found. plus I have the intent to paint them red, just have gotten around to it
Hey ripp....

Very nice...I like that blue V/C....I see you keep your engine bay clean.... :thumbsup:
Good JoB!

Ohhh and by the way I PM'ed you..hihihi..


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I try to keep the engine bay clean, I still have some work I want to do it to clean up the wires a little better.

the mugen kit is a replica made by wings west, I couldnt afford a real mugen kit plus I have been able to find a real kit.

the interior is well kept. I am going to have to recover the ft seats again the drivers seat is starting to wear out like normal crx seats.

I just talked to a friend of mine about painting it and I am going to take the car over to his house on saturday so we can get started on the body work, I have some hail dents from 3 weeks ago to fix now and I am going to get a new hood and have to fix some dents in the fenders

thanks for all the positive replys :worthyp:


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I just picked up a set up fat five's pictures will be up soon.
the crx looks sick with the fat fives
Originally posted by ripperbone@Jul 7 2005, 08:07 PM
I just picked up a set up fat five's pictures will be up soon.
the crx looks sick with the fat fives
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Nice Ripp..What did you pay for them?

Hurry up with the pics manG...

anyways. Yeah once you get the body all painted up and your tail lights turned red it will look pretty nice.


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heres is some updated pictures with the fat five's
the pictures suck (crappy camera phone)