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Hey guys finally got some pictures of my car takin. Thought id share them with you all. I know its really riced out :( IE: Body Kit, Tail lights :( :( But now that i have some income it will all be going back to stock soon.





Rest In Peace
it look better once you get the stock taillights.
like the color :thumbsup:
looks pretty clean
how bout pictures of interior and what are you running for a motor?


nice man. That color ALWAYS looks good on rexes. im also a proud owner of a crx.


thanks for the input guys. I am running a DOHC ZC, when the batterys re-charge for the camera ill get some more pictures. I need to cut the tip off of my exahust and just weld a 2.25 inch piece on it. Looks like a fuckin mellon shooter. I wana have it repainted, there is some rust under the paint thats starting to bubble but I will be re shooting it the same color. Next time I go to visit my parents im gonna grab my stock rims, the 17's are pissing me right the hell off. Plus they rub :grr: Thanks for the input guys!
Originally posted by Speedracer228@Aug 5 2005, 01:53 PM
:insert the ray charles "I cant see shit" picture:

all i see are red X's :shrug2:
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Yeah, I get the x's too.
Originally posted by brian11to1@Aug 5 2005, 01:37 PM
kit :thumbsdown:
wheels :thumbsdown:
exhuast :thumbsdown:

color :thumbsup:
going back to stock :thumbsup:
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If you do anything at all at least get rid of those taillights. :disgust1:
lose the lights, rims, and kit. get some si rims or some twistys and the stock lights and it will be real nice. and def keep the color


Ive been looking for some stock tail lights but havnt been able to track any down. Here in a few days ill have some pictures of my interior. Agian thanks for the input guys.