my first buld

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92 civic si d15b
my first build

ok so my d16z6 in my del sol got hydro locked a while back.
the del sol is getting a f22.
and i want to build my z6 and possibly put it in an eg.

first question:
since the rod was bent it kinda f-ed up the sleeve.
so since it needs to come out i was thinking bore out the block... would it be better to just re-sleeve it or would a bore be good. i am planning on turbocharging it and using it as a dd.

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Umm its build not buld.

Anything over 350 you want to sleeve it.. like we have discussed 1000 times.
Anything over 250 you want to forge it...


92 civic si d15b
now i ran into a road block with my del sol swap.
i cannot find wire diagrams for neither the del sol nor the accord so i cannot rewire the ecu.
does anyone know where i cn get the diagrams????


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What do you mean by "rewire the ECU"? I'd probably use a chipped Civic ECU...that should make things easy...


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use one for electronics, lights, gauge, dash, etc. and use the f22 ecu for your engine