My first Ebay......

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Rest In Peace
Been on the computer scene for a while, always wanted to try Ebay...well...I guess I finally got the nerve to do it...

some wheels....

UP ON EBAY first listing...whoooohooo

If this works out, then I got a ton of stuff to sell...hehe
haha, i saw those yesterday, when i was looking for cool wheels, and i was like...... hey ive seen those E-wings b4.

funny stuff.
I'm Ebaying the tracker now - It's great. I have a ton of people interested - And some really funny questions. Check it out: Item # 4565113073

-> Steve


Rest In Peace
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jul 29 2005, 07:35 PM
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Hehe...yes and no...

I posted to show off that I finally had the nerve to put something up on Ebay...besides...not to many honda guys and gals can fit them on a honda...offset is all wrong...and nobody has a 240sx in the area anymore...or an AE86 :(

plus I wanted a shameless plug :ph34r: :lol: