My First tat!

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Well, here it is.. my first tattoo. i got it back there becasue i didnt know how much i would like it, although i love it now, and am considering "continuing" more around fromt so i can actually see them :)


dont flame the hairyness :lol:
actually it didnt hurt too bad at all.. worst part was where it was closest to the underarm area.. felt more like someone was pulling out little hairs.. (they prolly coulda been there for hours and not made a dent yet <_< )

mainy i went to get one with my girl, but i found this one, and really liked how it looked.. if i do get more, i'm going to pic more sentimental, as the next ones i will be able to see.. hopefully :)
looks good

keep it moist with the shit they gave you at all times, and never ever under any condition itch it...

if you want to keep it moist at night without fucking your sheets and bed up cover it with the goo and then wrap saran wrap around your arm...

saran wrap works wonders...
I've always heard saran wrap.

Congrats on becoming tattoo'd white trash! Thats a step up from where you were... Being, you know, umm, white.

j/k. Not! ok, I am.. not.. am.
lol you can use gauze too...

only problem with gauze is that it ends up soaking up most of the goo, and by the morning your arm/skin has become dry...

dry = more scabbing and better chance of color lifting with scab...
Originally posted by Blanco@Aug 5 2005, 04:02 AM
Is that a red outline or just the skin...or both? Cool design. :thumbsup:
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it is a red outline, but only on some parts.. i'll have to get a closer shot of it do you can see the details better! i have been keeping it wet with the stuff they told me to use.. i like that saran wrap idea.. i woke up yesterday and there was a copy of my tattoo on my sheets. damn white sheets.. somehow it did come off though :)

the only thing now is the gf is pissed cuz they wouldnt give her one for another 3 weeks B) . 3 weeks till shes "legal" w00t!!
not a big fan of tribal, i think its played out. looks nice though, grats on first tat!
I applied neosporin on my arm (the none brand name kind) every hour and never once had a scab.


I took mine all the way around. When she was doing under the arm the ink wouldnt get in good enough so she had to push harder and go over the same area over and over to get it filled right. The outside arm is like a 2 on the pain the under arm is like an 8 OUCH. best part about it is having to hold your arm up.

Right now I'm in seach of my next tattoo.

I would love to find someone who could do this on my body however I doubt theres any way to get it just like this.


Not sure if I could trust someone to try it. It might turn into a big ink blob.

I want my next tat to be something martial arts or asian. I have 2 family members who have lived in Japan and I currently study old traditional karate.

HMmm what to do what to do.
Originally posted by Battle Pope@Aug 5 2005, 10:11 PM
that's fucking awesome. someone's got some needle skills.
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If you're talking about the picture I posted thats some art drawing