My first wall mounted PC, still in progress >_>

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I'm cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.... <_< Did I say that enough?
Decided that my laptop had it do I wanted a desktop. I was being cheap so I said "I don't NEED a case when I have dresser drawers." I was going to put the computer in dresser drawer so that It could be hidden but more importantly my 2 year old won't knock it off of the table! XD Well I did put it in a dresser drawer but I got tired of the computer being in the bedroom so I moved it to the dining area in my apartment.

All screwed in except for the PSU but it's not going to move much. o_0

Got a fan with some extra air for the HD6970 ^_^

The setup, not bad even though it could be knocked off but it is in the corner so... hopefully it won't happen.

Then I thought about open deck systems and I thought... I'm sure there a re some awesome wall mounted PC's. So I discovered JerryRigs' Rig.

So I started building it. The Blueprint.

Cut the hardwood, Cut the 1/4 Plexiglas and made holes.

Put a 2 inch frame on it to hide all the wires under it.

Another view with a mess of screws and bolts.

Finished the Platform, now I just need a few more things.

Finished PC however I do need a freaking 30cm PCI-E extender at least to put the HD6970 where it is suppose to go in the empty glass. I got impatient and the extender is freaking expensive just for this purpose.

More of a close up and a different color.

Also more colors, and it can be dim like your keyboard glow or a bright little night light. LOL XD

Any one else have any cool cases or setups? I left extra space because I have some HDD's I'm not using and SSD's and I may add them. Also in the future I would like to add a Water cooling system... maybe on my next build. This was budget build PC that I can game on.


Neat project. I'd be worried about the cpu and gpu overheating, though. The cases are sealed up much like the point of closing windows when you run AC... you're only cooling a refined small area, not the whole room.

Watch those temps!


I was just thinking that mineral oil looked kinda cool. I was wondering about if a fan burned out and failed the CPU or GPU would over heat. Now if you had lets say a water pump just pushing a stream over either heatsink then I think it would be okay.


Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?
If you look at a lot of the setups the fans hardly spin at all. I'm guessing it works mainly on the principal of heat rising so the mineral oil would be constantly removing heat from the heat sinks and bringing the warm fluid to the top of the tank letting the cooler fluid sink back down to gather more heat from the heat sinks.


The mineral oil setups are very cool , I'm curious what your temperature sgoing to be like on the wall mount, my gaming rig actually runs about 20 degrees hotter at idle just with the side case off, as mentioned above the case actually aids in cooling directing air, without the case its just blowing around ambient temp air


While yes a case normally helps with a directional flow like bringing in cool air and taking the hot air out. I'm not overclocking my computer CPU or GPU. So there is no change in temps from before in the drawer ( there was time when I had two fans on it) and now. Even with steam on, 4 tabs on chrome, Excel, Everest ultimate edition, CPU-Z running a stress test, and a few other things on and playing Dying Light at max settings my CPU temps did not go above the idling 29C.
Mobo: MSI Z97 PC Mate
CPU: Intel; Core i3-4130 3.4Ghz Duel core (but it has two virtual cores...)
GPU: Sapphire Duel-X Radeon HD6970 (why? because $96 shipped to play most games at 1080p at High or even very high settings)
RAM: 16GB Some generic brand
Corsair CX600.

I have a Core i5-4670 3.4GHz chip laying around somewhere and I thought about poping it in. All the sites say I will really only see a little bit of difference with doing some multitasking or maybe editing video files. Gaming would be the about the same. So I haven't switched it. I just want water cooling because it would be neat unless I got my hands on a unlocked Intel chip for a steal.