my friend got messed up

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im sort of venting but whatever.

my best friend cuts concrete. well yesterday he was using a chainsaw-like tool, it kicked and he got messed up pretty bad. it kicked into his face and basically cut him open from his bottom lip to the bottom of his chin and cut some bone along the way.basically i mean it split him open. i was told it resembled a scene from predator, but ive never seen the movie. he had to be brought to a trauma center and had to have plastic surgery. they said he got 400+ stitches but they lost count. i saw him last night and from the story i thought he looked much better, but he was still really swollen. his teeth were messed up too so he had oral surgery today. hes been on serious pain killers for the past two days, so hes out of it. he'll be fine but it scared the shit out of me when i first heard and didnt know all the details.


Thats a holy shit kinda thing. If it resembles predator, it was REALLY SERIOUS. Keep us posted dude, thats some scary shit.
Originally posted by Calesta@Jul 13 2005, 06:40 AM
Wow. Worker's comp anyone? :eek:
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Yeah thats what i was thinknig.....i hope his employer has W/C coverage....he's gonna be out for awhile....injuries to the face bring a allot of money...with PPD rating and possible future settlement...he could be looking a 250k+ dollars
Yeah, chainsaws are the number one reason why lumberjacking is dangerous.

I know you said he was doing construction, but its the same idea if the tool was "chainsaw like" and the chain snapped. This happens a lot with chainsaws.

A lady that used to work for my dad, daughter's fiancee had a chain snap on him and hit him in the eye. They fixed him up pretty well but I believe he had some retina damage because there wasn't much they could do when the chain went all the way down to his retina and scratched it.
Well here's Predator...

hes doing alot better today. hes off the morphine so hes getting around alot more but hes still really swollen. i get the predator thing now, i never sat down and watched the whole thing so i thought i missed the part they were refering to. he still needs oral surgery(he goes on tuesday), because he lost 2 teeth, and broke 3.

the chain didnt snap, it got caught on some metal in the concrete and kicked up. and he doesnt have to work until he feels hes able, and hes getting 40hrs. a week pay. plus whatever he get from lawsuits and whatever.

hes actually very optimistic about it because hes says he gets paid while he heals, gets the money from the lawsuit, and hes thinking about going back to school now that hes going to have some cash to live on while hes doing it. plus he can go down to NC with me and the fam in august.