My Idea Of A Grocery Getter

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wtf is that? whatever it is, it's got some heavy duty turbos on it :spin:

oh acura didn't read the post. never mind

90 accord

Chicks dig the box
i wouldn't really call that an acura, but cool none the less.


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dodge viper wagon concept. now thats a falking grocery getter!

2 litre EG

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out of all the grocery getters i've seen in magazines and in life... my favorite is my buddy Paul from Injen... he built his wife a 4 door accord with a built prelude motor with a nice sized turbo on it :lol: :lol: :lol:

oh and the fat intercooler in the front :D

yeah i wouldn't really call that an acura anyways, nothing in that thing is close to being OEM :p


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Originally posted by type_r_hatch@Jan 30 2003, 12:22 AM

love to have a 4000 horse acura :worthy:

That looks suspicously like a car that Kenny Tran was showing at Import Expo 3... in fact I'm almost sure it's the same one, since Bob Norwood is in Dallas, and that turbo configuration looks damn familiar to me. Bob Norwood did a lot of work with Phillip @ Intercrew too. He's a badass engine builder.