my integra.. :)

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picked this badboy up from a buddy of mine, about 2weeks ago.. i think im in lovee <3

type r sticker on the back was put on for kicks...
motor is a b18c5, yes its rhd also.. :)
questions, just ask.. :)
my god all that car need is a fridge tv and porn and id rather have her than 2 sticks of butta and brooke burke! nice!
id rather have the car over 2 sticks of butter and brooke burke without the tv, fridge and porn.

it probably runs faster without that shit anyway, right? lol
thats really a ricer thing? i havent seen anyone with rhd soo i thought it would be more of a extraordinary thing than a rice thing.. i get so many compliments...
i dont really consider it ricey..
but RHD is japanese, like rice.
no i havent, and i would imagine that it would be weird.
i kinda wanna get one, but if it was manual, i might have a hard time shifting.
my left hand is utterly useless when it comes to these things.
but im sure i could get use to it.

of course, id have to learn how to drive stick first..
lol u dont know how to drive stick? well it will probably be easier starting in a rhd imo, rhd seems easier to me then driving a lhd car..