My late Airwerks by Borg Warner FWD Street Shoout videos....

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Wiring Guru
Yeah I has been two months since the event in October from E-Town, but I have been all over the world for work and just too busy to get to these. They aren't the best, but it was all the time I had to edit. The brain wanted to do more, but the clock did not cooperate. It was also difficult to get footage as I was trying to run SFWD. I had some clutch issues so I had to pull my tranny in between qualifying and I broke my throttle body shaft after qualifying round one. Oh well that's racing. Also, my camera died so I didn't get Tony's final run in here.....sue me. :p

Watch them in high quality for better video y0.

My T1 footage
YouTube - T1 @ Airwerks Borg Warner FWD Street Shootout at E-Town October 11-12, 2008

Other random footage
YouTube - Airwerks by Borg Warner FWD Street Shootout 10-11/12-2008
We had just over an hour to get the tranny out of the car, spool out, replace with a quaife, clean out, reassemble and reinstall. We had to switch axles too since the other ones were setup for the spool. He broke or twisted the axles on every pass. Broke both of them on the 1st qualifying pass. On the third, twisted them and we had our only back up set. Second round, we had a set on loan from CFT I think. Twisted those and had to get another set for the final round. His car just kills parts hooking up that good. Car went in the 5s in the 1/8 mile. Crazy.
serious.. quick as shit.
double for the repair..
wanna come help me put my tranny in? lol its been sitting in the alley in pieces for like 2 weeks cuz the guy who was helping me flaked..
you guys just carry a rebuild kit with you?
15k at stake....we had a few extra tranny parts on hand to say the least. Gotta start the rebuild yourself if you don't want to ship it to me. and buy the service manual. Everything you need step by step is in there.
thats big money racing..
im just replacing it.
the only thing holding me up is the fucking left axle nut.
i have a 4 page thread about how its a bitch to get off.. lol

i already have the helms manual for my car on my computer.
you still havent got that thing off? Dude. I say, just pull the steering knuckle off and replace it all. Cv axle and all. f'ck it.

as for the OP man.... thats racing I can only dream about getting into. I can only imagine the headaches and late night working just to make the next race when something messes up.
i just put everything back together so i can let the mechanic handle it..

but he obviously knows what hes doing.. im sure a headache to me and you is like an itch to him.
He'll most likely either use a bigger sized imact, and if you stripped it out, either either use a easy out, or just drill it off. and if it comes down the very last resort, cutting torch and be verrrrrrrry careful. If you have the tools, and the knowledge, you can do almost anything you want...

but in the case of this high money racing... money counts too... and experience.. lots of experience..
i dont have the right tools though.. lol
im sure he has a good impact gun.
i dont.
is that really the first time someone went 8s in outlaw? no.. can't be.... or is it just for the day?
well he has a sticker that says first in the 8s.
Outlaw street, yeah I think he's the first(8.99 I believe).

As far as Pro goes, I believe they're well around the low 7s.