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well if some of you already kno i have a pretty beat up hatch.. hatchie and some guy wants to trade me his 1986 mazda rx-7 and its got 226,000+ miles on it and heres what hes got to say about it...

"rx7 1986 GXL model,has dual coil radiator with electric fan conversion,KAAz lsd with under 1k miles,ported,magna core wires,full racing beat dual stainless steel piped exhuast system and full racing beat sway bar set,energy suspesion poly bushing mounts and i have another set of them brand new ill throw in.on site air/fuel adjuster.only probs are the power windows need switches or you have to connect the wires to roll the window down and the ignition cyclinder needs to be replaced.which i just bought but havent put on,and it wont pass smog unless you put the egr and air pump back on.i have them both aswell.other than that nothing engine wise is wrong.





just wanna kno what you guys think of the trade and do you think this cars got allotta more miles in it versus the civic?? i kno NOTHING about mazda's and their rotary engines... but should i go for the trade or no?? what do you guys think??
That one ugly mother fucker...

RX7's are fun cars to drive, and if you plan to get it repainted, it might be worth it... Something's fishy.
You have to watch those old rotarys.. They are a bitch to work on. Something goes wrong, you might as well pull it out and rebuild it. Watch for oil at the tail pipe, and any oil smoke/haze coming from the tail.

Did you ever get your hatch running?? Last I heared it was in pieces.

Those RX7s make nice drifters. Great weight distribution. But again, that high mileage will kill a rotary.. Just look it over really well.


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his lsd is worth as much as your car is.

i'd trade in a heart beat.

with some work, and a fresh turboII swap, that thing will rip :)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Aug 17 2005, 12:10 PM
his lsd is worth as much as your car is.

i'd trade in a heart beat.

with some work, and a fresh turboII swap, that thing will rip :)
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heck yeah :yes:
if you got the money to spend and the time to waste.... do it and toss in a turbo engine in there and fix the dents and you should be good to go. btw, turbo II motors are cheap, and if you want you could toss in the latest rubo rotary from the 93+'s
yeah i got the hatch running.. it died on me in the middle of an intersection while going to work.. mechanic says my fuel pump is bad... either that or it was never converted to the integra fuel pump.. but yeah i just got the ecu today and pieces are falling in.. now i dont even kno whether i should keep it or not.. which one do you guys think will last longer?? im just looking for which one is a better beater until i get my EG.. but haha ive developed a lil bond with the hatchie since ive gotten it... ARGHHH.. check this out tho...

its kinda ricey at the bottom i like how the pop up lights are somewhat gone



I dont trust a rotary past 60k, but a turbo'd rotary is really nice.

Friend of mine out in dallas has a 94? RX-7 and he got so tired of his rotary he put a boosted LS1 in it. INSANE car...i wouldnt go near it.

When i said friend, btw, i meant guy ive seen at starbucks a few time and drooled on his engine.



Yeah, the v-8 into the 7 has become quite a popular trend these days.

I say go for the trade, but I am a little bias toward rotaries. :D

B mentions that his LSD is worth about what your car is worth, so that's a good thing.

Swap in a v8 or a tII and call it a day!

Oh, and if you buy it, paint that fugly thing! :p
60K in a rotary isn't a problem if the person that owns it knows how to care for a rotary. Seriously, 3 moving parts isn't that hard to take care of - But no one can seem to do it.

I ran circles around people with a 180k GXL. You have to know how to care for it.

Again, I got great gas mileage. Of course, if you let it spin like a turbine (One RPM all day long) it gets psycho gas mileage. I took it out to Colorado on 6 tanks. Just set the cruise and enjoy the ride.

Rotarys "hate" throttle changes.

And yes, it consumes oil. It's supposed to. No one is hiding that fact :)