My luck took a turn this week

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I felt like shit last week, I was sick and broke and blah blah.

This week I've been in a good ass mood. I'll find out how probation goes later today. Crosses fingers. I paid everything and still came out much HIGHER on top then any usual week. I have no idea how I have $1180 in the bank after I paid everything and I know I spent a shit load of money cause I paid my G-ma's mortgage, my fines, probation and all the other random little bs and last week I had -$0.44. I think I might save it untill next week and have some money for a
security deposit.

I ordered some clear corners last week for the A4, the only problem I'm having is a dirty ass connector. I can't seem to get around to cleaning it and it flickers or cuts out the Driver side headlight unless I go and fuck with it. I might not even do anything with it and get an HID kit for it, then clean it.

I dunno...I'm bored at work and in a really good mood.
No. That's the only problem I have with it and it doesn't even really bother me. Well that and the MAF continuing to fall off cause of the crappy coupler.

Hopefully next week will be that same. Then I can move the fuck out.
congrats?? i wish i had that kind of dough. i have $150 on me (if i dont put it into the bank i'll spend it) and $12.99 in checking and $0.16 in saving. looking forward to the money from selling my cars. and half of that money will be dropped into my new car. right now i have my eyes set on a black 2000 si. hope i can find one. moving most likely in about 2 months.

also, totally off topic, but wtf does " :ph34r: " mean???
my bad, left out the best part...IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to mommy and daddy having to watch me struggle with my cars. they finally broke down and decided to help me out again. parents would buy me a Dodge Spirit if I wanted a car, I'd get it for free but I wouldn't want it.

My grandmother...before I turned 18 would have gotten me something decent but not for more than 7-8k. She helped me buy my saturn cause Mickey D's wasn't cutting it. I was driving an old saab before that.
I auction shit off for various storage places. I charge every buyer 15% of their total bill, so for every 100 is 15 in my pocket, the auction house NEVER loses. I charge these people on top of their bill so with a $2174 bill I make $326 and that person is actually going to pay 2500 because they have to pay me.

At the bigger places there are usually 25+ buyers, 10+ spending more than 1-2k. The house usually rakes in between 15-25k a day at an auction. This week we only made ~13,000 because it wasn't advertised and was the usuals.

I have to pay this and that and extra people to work that day but I always come out on top.