my luck


alright guys! heres my story first then my question

I let my mom use my car for a min will i went 2 my gurl house 2 get some wen i get a call from my mom tellin me some fag stole my car cuz she left the door open then i get home and find a cop waiting there 2 tell me they found my car im thinking ok great minor damage a easy fix i look in the police lot my car is in three peices so i call my mom and she offers to buy me a car .

Now my question is wat car do u guys thing i should get i have it down to a crx, 92-95 civic hb,96-00 civic hb or a 99-00 civic si /


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Why ask someone what car you should buy? What do you like thats the question? Everyone here has a different opinion and if you've narrowed it down so much, just make a choice. I prefer any hatchback to a coupe.


i want it for speed if its not a dohc vtec ill swap it out for a vtec motoe but i just want 2 know wat ya think


eg hatch or crx. or maybe a DA teg

why don't you do your homework and research the pros and cons of different honda cars and decide for yourself, instead of just waiting to be spoon fed information so mommy can buy you whatever car we tell you. :roll: