My master part out thread... Dc/eg/ek/ef/crx etc updates daily

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My master part out thread... Dc/eg/ek/ef/crx etc updated 4.2.09

My master part out thread... Dc/eg/ek/ef/crx etc updated 4.2.09

Request something to me via pm or email as i probably have it laying around if its not listed

NEW STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
98+ rear black teg bumper
best offer picked up

eg clusters i have 1 are out of five speed car so THERE NOT OUT OF AN AUTO CAR!!!
70 shipped for the 90k
The one that is piced with the cf bezel shit is not one of the ones for sale


90-91 crx si harness MINT UNHACKED not even the oil sensor plug for the back is ripped!
60 shipped nothing is hacked missing or cut

94-01 integra

gsr valve cover small nic was new before i left it upside down in my trunk and nicked the paint a little
Comes with new cam seal and valve cover gaskit also comes with gromets and the washers and nuts to hold it on, comes with the plug wire cover aswell
45 shipped

obd2a alternator
15 shipped

gsr p-72 timing tension
10 shipped
comes with tensionor bolt and spring

B18 dizzys all in like new working condition non are hacked up:

obd0 ls dizzy unknown mileage on this
30 shipped

GSR full leather interior

300 plus your stock interior includes everything you want including the black dash

Looking for pic up/local delivery only
All semi clean i dont know why they came out chalky looking in the pics

driver seat has small tear






EG stuff:

eg clock 10 shipped

hf mani 25 shipped


eg manual axels for driver side abs ring comes of so it can be made to use on a non abs car
10 picked up each

eg corner lights 15 shipped for both
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i have 15in new steelies but i am not shipping them and you cant possibly pay enough for the outrageous shipping and for me to leave or take off the tires
that wiring harness will it work for my dx 90 hatch civic im putting a z6 in it. will i still need the jumper harness