my new gsr head


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$650 shipped from ebay.

Its from a 2000 gsr and came with everything from the head up.

I plan on doing either ls vtec or getting a gsr block and building that.



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yup, he had negative feedback too but the price was worth the hassle if i had to of gone through paypal and ebay, credit card. turns out i got the head within a week or so from the end of the auction.


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im just mad that i missed out on the 00 gsr tranny he had, he also had a type r head complete for 1300.


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Originally posted by BodyDroppedNikes@Jun 1 2005, 06:34 PM

you got a helluva deal on that head. looks good man. whats the plans for it?
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wow..Great deal......

NOw go slap it on......Have fun..VTEC yO!


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plans, well thats up the air right now. i have a 98 b18b longblock and i was planning to slap it on there but now im having thoughts about getting a gsr block and putting some jdm r pistons in it. i think the gsr block will be more reliable in the end and allow me to get to my hp goals cheaper than lsvtec would but i could be wrong.

i would like to hit around 200hp at the wheels, i figure with jdm p73 pistons in a gsr block and gsr head will get me there with some mods to the head and good tuning.


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Damn fuck hell that things clean, and for $600 complete? Fuckin good deal. Hell, you're on your way to a GSR swap for under $1500...fag :p