My New Pm Buddy!

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I got something like that from Roach009... along the lines of..
"Fuck you hexan and ur mom".

Followed by two more after I gave him decent (non offensive) replys.
Then he told me to stop messaging him... I'm like.. man you messaged me first.

This was following the time when he posted like 4 topics all the same asking the same question, and wasn't making much sense... so I posted up the ol' Bottled lighting picture. :)
94accordman and Roach009 can join the "good spellers club" also.

Man I love that lighting picture, makes me laugh for days still, just thinking about it.

He spelled my name wrong when he PM'd me... second time on this board!
Man.. its right there <--- two E's, not and E and and A.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jan 23 2003, 06:05 PM
I am going to delete this thread,he pm'ed me back in a more civil manner.

You cant, its funny, b/c B or Steve might be along here and then he will receive a nice little, "You have been banned from this site" message. Who the fuck knows. I never get hate PM's and I flame a little here and there. :)