my next honda flip

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hopefully this flip turns out better than the gsr civic i had last. I got this crx from a friend who bought it at action.He mostly needed the interior but he was mistaken andit was all crappy.






B16A woot!



$600 bucks total is what i got in it. The motor runs strong as smooth as hell. fired on the first try and even drove like a dream.

its got Tokico Blue chocks and springs. They look new because it still had warning sticker cmpletely clean and not a scratch on it.

the brakes were upgrade all to integra disks in the back and bigger pads in the front.

if all goes well i'll make a $1000 profit. from the swap. I'm gonna give thr suspension to a friend in need. He owns a stereo shop so i'm gonna see if he can hook me up with a nice flip out cd/dvd player;) The motor i hope to get $1500 for the entire swap. transmission,axles,pr3 ecu and anything else thay might want like the harness,mounts,fans etc.

once i make some money from that i'll head back and get a complete GSR swap from him and try to sell that too. Engine still in the gsr integra car unmolested:) Gotta do what you can to make some extra cash.saving up for my car. LMK what you guys think

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awww, another rex going to the pile in the sky. glad you're there to salvage what you can! :D


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only good thats left belive it or not id the rear acrgo and back rest. every rex i have had had the back rest broken and the cargo cover bent inwards.....this one is perfect. :lol:


I wear stretchy pants
engine should be cleaned and loaded in my truck by tomorrow.

and yeah that poor crx had seen better days. If anyone needs anything you better lmk cuz i'm junking th whole thing.Both fenders and door are perfect, so are the back glass.

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crap u beat me to the climate control - how about the door sashes? can you get them off without wrecking the tabs? if so, money dude; as in how much do you want? :D i'm short a passenger side one right now...



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Just wondering; couldn't you use a Civic climate control? I have a CRX dash in my car and the Civic one fits fine in there.

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yeah i haven't really looked into it much; i'm just starting to notice that my climate dial doesn't seem to be really turning anything in the back - kinda feels loose. hehe.

anyway - the guy i bought this rex from put some lame carbon fiber looking decal over the front so i have just assumed mine's cracked and waiting to die. would be good to have another around. thanks for the tip on checking into other models'.


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climaye controls are hard to come by. i dont have one on this rex.What are the sashes?

yeah i'll sell the exhaust but man its gonna suck shipping a 1 piece long ass exhaust. Its got to be worth it. i'll say 60 bucks +shipping.


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yeah i'll try to take them off tomorrow morning.

15 bucks + shipping sound good to you? LMK

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if you get them off with all three tabs on each intact, that's a completely awesome deal.

:wub: :worthy: :nod:

sold! (if you get 'em off with the tabs intact) ;)