My Swap Is In!

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I finally got my swap in and running today. Holy crap it is nice to have a fast car! I swapped an obd1 second gen b16a into my 97 civic. I converted the motor to obd 2 for emissions but I am getting a jumper harness to run it obd1 most of the time because it is easier to tune. Wow I was very impressed with how it ran. Very clean and very very strong. I was pretty scared though because i wasnt getting a spark and we went through the distributor, all wires, etc nothing was wrong but then for the hell of it we tried my HX ecu and it fired right up! I guess the JDM ecu was bad. Runs good now though cant wait to get the RIGHT ecu on to see how it does. couldnt have done it without this site you guys has some great info.



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hey somebody should post what he did in a faq... i can't how many times i've had to answer the how to for that same set up.. and i've only been here for like 10 days, god knows how many times you guys have.


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Heres how I swapped my SIRII into my EK-

Changed to obdII

*Crank Angle sensor and oil pump gear

I used my factory wire harness since it was vtec already then rewired the injector harneses and it all pluged right in. the only tricky thing is the crank angle sensor and oil pump. We kinda ghetto rigged it. instead of replacing the oil pump I just replaced the oilpump gear and then bolted the sensor right next to it. Since the sirii timing cover isnt made for that sensor there you have to modify it or leave it off (not recomended) It was a pretty easy swap except for the problem I had with my defective JDM ecu. And now I need to find a good header exhaust combo because open header in my town is illegal but it will do for now.. . hehe