MySQL Problem: mysqldump doesn't work

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mysqldump: unrecognized option `--max_allowed_packet=16M'

I've reset it like 10 billion times and it still doesn't work. Anyone have any clue WTF is going on?


Staff member
what are you dumping? a table? a db? a query/part of a table?

what are you using to dump with? command line? phpmyadmin?
I tried, but it gives the error no matter what options I define when I run the program.

Even if I tell it to redefine max_allowed_packet to 500mb, it still gives the error:

mysqldump: unrecognized option `--max_allowed_packet=16M'

The fact that it says "unrecognized option" to me means that there is something wrong with the program's understanding of the option...which doesn't make sense.
well, I found a way arround it. I just found the directory where my databases were stored and renamed the one I wanted to change.

I still have no clue wtf is going on with mysqldump.