Mystery (to me) fuel rail harness....

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Hey guys. I put a '91 CRX SI engine into my 89 HF and have been working on getting the engine all hooked up. I think I about got it except for the fuel rail. If you are looking at the engine there is a harness coming out of the right side of the fuel rail. The harness is green and has 6 clips/slots on it. I can not figure out where to plug this in or what it does. On the left side of the harness there is another green harness that plugs into a big mass of wires on that side of the engine.

Anyway, if someone could tell me what this is and where to plug it in I would be very greatful. I searched here and came up with 32 pages that weren't much help and I am having a hard time finiding detailed pics of engine bays that havent been cleaned up. Thanks!!
the only green plug I can think of that is on the right side of the fuel rail is the one that goes to the resistor box. It's for the injectors. It has 4 red/blk wires and the 1 yel/blk wire. The plug has 6 pins, but only these 5 are used. I can't think of a green plug that goes to the shock tower on the left side.
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It's for the injectors.  It has 4 red/blk wires and the 1 yel/blk wire.  The plug has 6 pins, but only these 5 are used.
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Hmm, this is a little vague. Kinda like saying your catalytic converter is for your exhaust. No shit but what does it do?? Thanks a lot for the info though. I had an extra one. I was just wondering if it had to be hooked up or if I could ignore it, but I am guessing not.

Thanks again B16 and reikoshea!!


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a resitor box allows the use of peak/hold injectors. read the article on peak/hold vs saturated in the general tech articles reference section.

in fact, read everything there :p