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nhs802: are you gonna paint your turbo manifold ?
nhs802: with some red paint to match your car?
Theo371: NO!
nhs802: why not
nhs802: that looks tight
Theo371: no im not doing that
Theo371: im painting it grey
Theo371: if i do
nhs802: you should at least paint it grey or black
Theo371: i heard black is bad
nhs802: you lose hp with black
Theo371: why is that
nhs802: hahahhaahah
nhs802: owned
Theo371: wtf
Theo371: or is that not true
nhs802: guess ;-)
Theo371: nope
nhs802: congratulations
nhs802: you win


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He's right you know...

You gain Mhz. from a black computer. You gain HP from red when it comes to cars. :)


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w00 w00, my computer will be painted black asap.. i need it to boost the p2 233 i'm running now.


ya i cant afford to buy a can of spray paint to paint my p4 hp laptop black....
so im taking it down to mexico to let paco work on it. little bit of chrome here and there...
some chrome naked lady mud flaps.....little red dingle berries on my screen....
a bumper sticker on the top that says YO ENCANTO ZACATECAS with a picture of
Calvin pissing on La Migra, and then to top if off, a horn that plays la cucaracha
over and over and over again.

muy firme esse. orale vato


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Originally posted by Domeskilla@Mar 11 2003, 10:25 PM
w00 w00, my computer will be painted black asap.. i need it to boost the p2 233 i'm running now.


My tournament computer is black... has all the flash for show. The main system is white- "sleeper style" y0!



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Originally posted by Calesta@Mar 12 2003, 11:13 AM
No green people to drive your car though.... unless you have a martian behind the wheel. :lol:

St. Patty's Day y0! Plenty of green people will be out there!


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I always though neon is where you get the real speed from?????? was I wrong?


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dude everyone knows its the chameleon paint that really makes the cars fast....