Narrowing To Ls Motor

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k... If I were to go with an LS motor, does anyone know of any articles detailing this install into a 92-95? I think calesta said it drops in, but why do I get the feeling im going to be swearing and throwing tools in the shop :lol:

If nobody knows of an article, feel free to give me a rundown or your experiance? if anyone has already done it that would be sweet. Again, thats just a stock LS motor setup into a 95 civic coupe, DX.



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well, im guessing ur swap is much like mine, get an obd1 b18b, and drop it in. all the mount will line up and everything electrical should plug right in. On my 90 CRX i had to get the integra linkage and cop it, as well as the integra cable for throttle and an 89 integra rad hose. So yes it drops in easy, but there will b a few more things u gotta get. i havent done a b18b swap so i dunno what its missing. but Hasport would tell u. go there and check out what u need to make it work. also, and engine swapping will make u swear and get mad. but this will be the least amount of swearing that can be done. try wiring a Vtec that will make u 100 times more mad. so b happy with ur B18b, its the simplest swap u can do.