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well if you haven't already commited a bunch of people on are going to try and get a group rate going, which is 10% off when you get 10 people, looks like Mid-ohio for sure and a fwe others


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honda-tech also has something going as well.

i dont think that the discount applies to the early registration tho.

Originally posted by Mansier@honda-tech
The discount available for webforum groups is 10% off if 10 or more members pre-register and attend the event. The 10% is given in future NASA OH/IN credit or cash at the track. This is not in addition to the early bird (for example if you enter multiple events and get 10, 15 or 25% off, the webforum discount would not tack another 10% onto that). However! We will allow early bird entrants to count as webforum entrants for counting purposes only. For example: Two H-T drivers enter through the early bird. It would only take 8 more H-T entrants at any one event to get the 10% discount for H-T entrants.
Let me know if you have questions, but that is how we will work it for webforum discounts.


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