Neat game

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I modified the example cart and got 89% Im actually going to do this when I get home from work to see what I can do on the house one haha
after playing with it for about 30 minutes i was able to get 100% on each

fun game :thumbsup: i love shit like this

oh and i used my own designs for both

i only looked at the example to see what it was that they wanted me to do


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I managed 99% on the house one without viewing the example.
I should have utilized funnels more.
i wanna see the cart that made that trip in :14 fucker
i'm sucking at this one

I made a straight line with wheels and shocks and i still couldn't make :14
i can't get past the first jump. i endo and land on my head every time. lol
that hondaswap cart is awesome

and ill post pics of my current design once i get my new design running <10 seconds

i cant let you guys steal my secrets