Need a leed Volk/Rays wheels! Help

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I looking for any sites/shops/distributors for Volk Wheels. I've found a couple but nothing that has impressed me thus far. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :D


I understand the Volk are one of the most expensive tuner wheels out there. I'm not looking for "CHEAP" wheels, Just someone with a good price and service. I'm not gonna lay down $3000 in wheels and tires to some unknown a$$hole online, hoping that the order me the right wheels (since I know that the will be build after I order them, which makes them non-returnable). I'm just looking for people that can recomend a descent place that i can trust to get me the right items. I believe in you get what you pay for.


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Well, I happen to know the guy that owns the shop in the link posted above. His name is John Modica and he's a decent guy. His shop is more than legit. If you want a recomendation I agree with Modicar, they have never done me wrong. And if you talk to John, tell him Shadney recomended him. :D


Thanks, I'm going to give him a call in a bit and have him quote me. I let him know where I got the info


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my brother got his volks from NEAD (north east auto design) dont know the website off hand, but im sure you can find it.