Need A New Clutch

I need a new clutch for my 2000 civic si but i dont know what to get. I want something thats good clutch but wont cost me a fuck load can someone give me some suggestions please.


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excedy is the best...they build the clutches in japan.....most of the other companies rebuild OEM clutches......i would def get an excedy ...i got my Stg3 clutch kit for $375 on ebay from the ebay store CLUTCH CITY.....great guys and very helpful


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I got my clutch from the same people, an Exedy Organic Street Disk there and am very happy.

You should also look into clutchmasters and ACT however, they also make good cluthes.


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ACT, Clutchmaters will be great for what you need, and at a good price, search it, you'll find some good stuff, not to sure about Excedy, never tried them, i hear its good.


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i have a friend w/ a B18C EG that says he didnt really like the exedy. he switched to a ACT a few weeks ago and says its way better.


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i have an EXEDY in my 92 integra and its pretty good.. its a semi-race clutch, but the pedal isnt hard like a clutch master stage 3. no slippage yet.
EXEDY is part of Daikon and they produce many OEM clutches for Japanese cars.
ACT is a good brand too, usually people prefer it over Clutch Masters.